Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Communication in the workplace

Importance of communication
• Improve ability of communication will increase the chances of success

Current Challenges for Business Communications

  • Ongoing development of new information technologies


  • making smart use of communication technologies, which requires several kinds of literacy
  • Increasingly global nature of business
    • develop cross-cultural communication skills
  • Diversity in workplace is growing
    • learn to work with different types of people
    • become more aware of social issues

Main categories of business communication

  1. Internal operation communication
    a. Work processes
  2. Expernal – operational communication
    a. publics – suppliers; media; companies; customers; travel agencies; advertising

(both of these above are vital to success)

  1. Personal Communicatino
    a. do not underestimate this
    b. will sustain relationships upon business in which it depends.
    c. Affect people’s attitudes
    d. communication elements can enhance internal and external communication also.