• adjustment grants
  • need to know where to put stuff
  • where to sign


Good News Message Example Critiques


Top Header

  • has logo on top – ok
  • email
  • website


  • between header and inline address


Dr. Ms. Karp,


  • don’t put “th” or “the”
  • do not use “claim”
  • can use “report” or “inquiry”
  • you can say “email” instead
  • numerals should be “Number” w/ Capital N

First Paragraph

  • all good news
  • do not use “we”
  • do not use “fishes” just “fish”

Second Paragraph

  • get info from the textbook – ok
  • look for more information (to make it personalized)
  • where are you going to keep the fish?
  • talk about how you fixed the problem
  • If you use “we,” explain who.
  • For time, do not use “at”, “on”, but “by”

Third Paragraph

  • offer discount
  • sell her something!
  • add value of inspections
  • do not say “complimentary”, “you will not charged”


  • she likes it neat and pretty. 


  • Phone number format, below are ok
    • (760) 125-785
    • 760.125.785
    • 760-125-785
  • Watermarks ok
    • make sure it doesn’t cover text. – just minimize intensity.


Do not forget to sign it.
Do not misspell your name.